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Lost Lake Kicks Out Google Glass-Wearing Diner

[Photo: A. Garland/Facebook]

Dave Meinert is at it again. After famously banning Google Glass from his 5 Point Cafe earlier this year, he's now back in the news from kicking another glasshole out of his newest spot, Lost Lake Cafe. The restaurant, according to Facebook, "kindly ask[s] our customers to refrain from wearing and operating Google Glasses inside Lost Lake. We also ask that you not videotape anyone using any other sort of technology."

The customer in question also took to Facebook, writing: "I would love an explanation, apology, clarification, and if the staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money last night and also future income as well, that this income be deducted from her pay or her termination."

More details from Eater National, way.>>>