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'Upscale Modern German' Restaurant Coming to Ravenna

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Photo: Eater Seattle

Hey, look: Ravenna is getting a new German restaurant. The former Indian restaurant Bernu's (which was a sushi joint before that) is being transformed into Heidelberg Haus. The name suggests a German does this Craigslist ad seeking front- and back-of-house staff who speak German and have knowledge of the food, wine and beer of southern Germany. In fact, the restaurant is described as "upscale modern German cuisine." It's tempting to imagine fare that bears a passing resemblance to the award-winning Alpine cuisine at Portland's Gruner, but Heidelberg Haus is also seeking someone to fill the job of "beer maiden."

Eater apologizes for being rather late to the party on this; Ravenna blog has been tracking the restaurant for a while and says the owners have roots in Einhausen, Germany. We have commenced stalking and will share updates on opening, ownership, etc. as we get 'em.

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Heidelberg Haus

2122 NE 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98115 206 466 5369

Heidelberg Haus

2122 NE 65th St., Seattle, WA