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Baguette's 'Different Format' Sounds More Like a Shutter

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Earlier today, Eater spotted an update from Baguette saying the owners of the bahn mi counter were contemplating a bigger, better shop. Since then, we spoke to a Baguette employee working the register at the East Madison location, who told us that she was not aware of any plans to relocate or revamp Baguette--only that the current one will close. The employee, who did not wish to be named, told Eater that the reasons for closing were financial.

Eater reached out to Vanny Him, Baguette's owner to discuss her plans and the reasons for closing. We have not heard back. The shop's last day is October 27.

· Baguette Owners Planning New Name, Format [-ESEA-]

[Photo: S. Gujavarty]


1509 East Madison, Seattle, WA