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Get Holy on Lopez Island For Under $500k, Or Live on a Houseboat for Under $200k!

Without further ado, the very latest from our sister blog Curbed Seattle:

LOPEZ ISLAND— Feeling a little guilty? Enjoy the lingering scent of incense? Wanna get away? You're in luck, good reader: this church on Lopez Island is on the market, and you can totally afford it. Well, maybe. In any case, it's under $500,000 and absolutely available. Redemption ho!

BALLARD— We feel very strongly about houseboats over here at Curbed Seattle HQ, so it's not surprising that we went berserk when one showed up for under $200k. The only problem: well, it's sort of lacking in the amenities department. and bedrooms. And, um, finished walls. But hey, you could park your yacht there!

ON THE INTERWEBS— This week's Cruising Craigslist strayed from our usual gimmick (if you're unfamiliar, see here, here, and here) and went for some almost-new and kind of nice tables. If you're in the market but can't bear to drop cash on something that still has that new table smell, do head over and check some out.

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