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Pay For What You Pour: Buckley's Installs Self-Serve Tap

[Photo: KIRO-FM]

Eater Seattle received a tip last week that popular Belltown watering hole Buckley's had installed a self-serve beer tap. Before we could sample the 2G2BT goodness ourselves, KIRO-FM's Chris Sullivan beat us there. Sullivan learns from Buckley's owner Tim Buckley how the Table Tap system works:

You sit down at the tap table, and a server comes over to check I.D. The server uses an electronic scanner key to put the number of people at the table into the laptop which is inside the table. The law allows each person to pour up to 32 ounces. So for a table of four the computer is set to 128 ounces. The server leaves, and you start pouring beer.

If managing your own beer pour fails to entice, there is also the ability to pay prorated for what you consume of a pitcher. No need to pound down that pitcher anymore!

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Buckley's on Queen Anne

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