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Charbucks No More: Starbucks to Add 'Blonde' Blends

Today, Starbucks announced it's adding a new lighter roast to its array of coffees. The move is a response to criticism that Starbucks' offerings tend to be too dark, and an attempt to gratify the 40% of U.S. coffee drinkers that prefer lighter roasts (per Starbucks research). Hence, the coffee behemoth is launching Starbucks Blonde.

Even here in Starbucks' home town, local specialty roasters and coffee geeks often eschew the company's coffee for its darker roasts, describing its beans as "burnt" or over-roasted. Will the coffee geeks now be appeased? The blonde roast will be available to all Starbucks customers (both in-store and at grocery stores) beginning January 10, 2012. Head on over to the mothership for their take on this pressing matter.

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