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Are You Surprised? Today Show Interviews Victoria Liss

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The current craze over the Today show taping in Seattle has melded with one of the biggest stories of the month: the show did an interview with bartender/server Victoria Liss about the infamous receipt incident from earlier this month. The segment doesn't mention that Liss blasted the wrong Andrew Meyer, and it mentions a Yelp review that to us seems pretty obviously fake.

Also, just for kicks, we threw in the Taiwanese animation version of the incident. The official description refers to Liss as a "good looking but chubby American girl." When will the madness end? Apparently not any time soon. Here are the videos.

Video: Jilted Waitress Speaks Out

Video: Rude Customer Ridiculed Waitress Over Her Looks

· Jilted Waitress Speaks Out [Hulu via @jseattle]
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