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BK Billboard Gets Diabetes Graffiti; Dick's; Papa Myhrvold

Photo: @SodaFreeSundays/Twitter via @SeaDevi

BELLTOWN—Local group Soda Free Sundays has been circulating this pic on Facebook and Twitter, and it's garnered some national attention at the mothership and elsewhere. [@SodaFreeSundays, Eater National, Consumerist]

FIRST HILLModernist Cuisine mastermind Nathan Myhrvold has been criss-crossing the country to promote his behemoth culinary tome. Now Papa Myhrvold says he'll be speaking at Town Hall on December 5. And tickets are just $5. More details here. [MC]

EDMONDS—In case you didn't fully get that the opening of a new Dick's Drive-In is a REALLY BIG DEAL, A Hamburger Today and Seattle Weekly join in on covering the madness (KLG and Hoda really should have stopped by for a Deluxe and a few wine-fueled double entendres). Seattle Weekly's Sonja Groset says Dick's broke the company's single-day sales record in just five hours, and that the crowds outside the new Edmonds store were chanting, "We want Dick's." [AHT, Seattle Weekly]

Dick's Drive-In

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