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Listing Typo-Gate; Frank Lloyd Wright All Over The Place

Without further ado, the very latest from our sister blog Curbed Seattle:

WESTLAKE AVENUETypos! House boats! Listing searches! It was a crazy week over on Westlake Avenue, as we found what appeared to be a house boat for under $2000 on Redfin. We assumed someone was missing a few zeros. Turns out some high-falutin' search engine mix-ups listed a rental as an actual on-the-market property. Whoops! We pointed it out, it was promptly corrected, and now our so-very-meta post is outdated. It's a small price to pay for accuracy.

NORTH ADMIRAL West Seattle had its very own listing designed Frank Lloyd Wright's apprentice Milton Stricker on the market this week. Some tours for architecture buffs (and, well, potential buyers) went on Thursday night, with a special presentation by Stricker's son, fancy appetizers, and other swanky refreshments. Best of all, it's under $1m. Nice.

ON THE INTERWEBS"What is that thing you want me to buy from you? Why are you selling it on Craigslist? How is it possibly that expensive?" These are the completely valid questions you might have asked had you happened upon the listings in this week's Cruising Craigslist. How else would you possibly have known what a garbage burner looked like? Lucky for you, we investigated and posted pictures. We know, we know. You're welcome.