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Monica Guzman Advises Laptop Hobos on Best Cafes

Geekwire's Monica Guzman has a story today on Seattle's best coffee shops to work. She also has a useful list of 15(!) criteria to look for in choosing a cafe to settle in. For good coffee, Guzman recommends Espresso Vivace, Trabant Coffee and Chai, Caffe Vita, Seattle Coffee Works and Milstead and Co.. For best food at a coffee shop, she singles out Voxx Coffee.

She includes suggestions for cafes that meet her other criteria: WiFi, outlets, big tables, location, curb appeal, free parking, good music, comfortable seating, natural light, capacity, accommodating staff, "eavesdroppable conversations", and style. Note that Starbucks is pretty much absent on this list, since it recently declared war on laptop hobos. Roy Street Coffee and Tea, one of the "fauxbucks" shops, merits a mention for its choice seating.

[Photo: Facebook/Milstead & Co.]