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Raskin Messes With Texas (Sigh) Again

That Raskin, she can't resist baiting her Texan readers. She went on Twitter yesterday to express her surprise that the payola offered up by Texas to Top Chef failed to mute the negative opinions of the Seattle cheftastants. After she posted the tweet above, she next writes:

Members of Seattle contingent say: "I did not enjoy Texas. It wasn't very pleasant" and "I would never want to live in Texas."
After she received some pushback, she tweets:
Also, the opinions contained in the Top Chef tweet were not the opinions of this Tweeter. @cdrow @julie_eberly @eatingourwords @francis_lam
This, though Raskin became notorious for authoring a polemic on the Dallas dining scene stating that it was broken.

Next, she drops the hammer:

@BBQsnob Even more shocking, the Seattleites had problems with Texas politics and topography. Look for my next newsflash: Bacon is popular.
Finally, Raskin is all innocence:
@bigjondaniel @bbqsnob I don't want to start a fight. I was just surprised by the cheftestants' willingness to bad-mouth their hosts.