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Downtown Spot The Whisky Bar Classes Up the Joint

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Tan Vinh's happy hour writeup is more of a news piece this week. The Seattle Times cocktail guru says downtown dive The Whisky Bar has bucked the current trend toward going casual by classing things up a bit. The bar, says Vinh, has "evolved into an excellent bar with 400 single malts, bourbons and ryes plus one of the best craft-beer lineups in town." Also, they've got classic cocktails (though who doesn't, these days?).

The owners, says Vinh, originally thought cheap domestic beer was the most lucrative way to occupy showgoers at the nearby Moore Theatre. But in this town, notsomuch. Vinh proclaims that "No other bar in Seattle has done such a major overhaul of its booze program in such a short time under the same ownership." Not to worry, he's got happy hour details too.

· A Change of Focus for Downtown's Whisky Bar [Seattle Times]
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Whisky Bar

2122 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 206 443 4490 Visit Website

The Whisky Bar

2000 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA