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West Elm Finally Opens Its Doors; A Rental That Kind of Blows Our Minds

Photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Suzi Pratt</a>.
Photos by Suzi Pratt.

Without further ado, the very latest from our sister blog Curbed Seattle:

[Photo by S. Pratt]

SOUTH LAKE UNIONIt's here, it's here! West Elm finally flung its doors open for business yesterday, and we got you pictures before it even opened. We know, we know. We're the best. Who loves you, babe?

FREMONT Like super old buildings? Care to live in one? You're in luck, because this Fremont Italianate 3-bed is an actual, official, real landmark. It even comes complete with cool photos of its past lives (and maybe a few ghosts)! It's on the market for $550k in Fremont.

MAGNOLIARenting doesn't sound too glamorous usually, but we've got a big ol' 5-bed exception for you. If you're interested in rooftop decks, swimming pools, penthouse wet bars, wine cellars, and not taking out mortgages, check out this swanky place. It's all yours for just under $10k a month.

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