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The Canlis Code Has Been Cracked

The dedicated key fiends at Menu Hunters Anonymous have happened up on the end game for the #Canlis4Free hunt. The Giant Arrow Theory proved correct, and it's pointing at Washington Federal Bank at 5th and Pike. As explained by MHA, "Key holders individual get to go in to the bank vault to unlock a safe deposit box. Inside the box... an envelope..."

Local food nerd Naomi Bishop was one of the first people to hustle down to the bank. "I expected people to be there waiting," she said. "But I just walked in and held up my key." The bank's staff was prepared. One employee checked the number on her key, led Bishop to the safe deposit room and pulled out a locked box.

Waiting inside was an envelope and a letter confirming a reservation for four people to the restaurant's swanky #Canlis4Free party October 30. The letter says, "We appreciate the energy and time it may have taken to get into this vault" and promises "five courses, a showcase of wine, and our entire team waits to serve you." Not too shabby.

By the Facebook group's calculations, five keys are still out there and unaccounted for. Meanwhile, Mark and Brian Canlis have essentially cemented their reputation as the Dan Brown(s) of the restaurant world. Well played, guys.

Watching the MHA group unravel the mystery has been just as impressive as the game itself. In closing we'll share this excellent bit of analysis from un-anonymous Menu Hunter Elizabeth Walkup:

"Not sure really how well this contest will translate into increased demand for dinner at Canlis -- it's turning me into a poorly-dressed, anti-social idiot with no appetite. Perhaps as I walk down the street, the beautiful people will say to each other "Darling, I feel so distressed to know there are such ill-kempt women in Seattle. Let's go to dinner so I can forget what I've seen."

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[Photo: Menu Hunters Anonymous]


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