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Nancy Leson Tells Old People Where to Eat

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Alongside the ever-constricting budgets, newspapers face a major dilemma in food coverage: how to stay on top of a city's culinary news and notables (and hopefully gain a few readers in the process) without alienating the subscriber base, many of whom probably don't know who Michael Mina is, and definitely aren't going to dinner on Capitol Hill any time soon.

Hence today's piece by Nancy Leson that begins with the sentence "Not all of us are Slow Foodies craving burrata with heirloom tomatoes or sous-vide chicken with chanterelle emulsion." It seems young Nancy has been hearing from readers in the wake of the abrupt shuttering of Marie Callender's Northgate location. She asks, "When it comes to affordable, family-friendly, senior-citizen-loving restaurants, what's left?" She also answers, with "menus where liver and onions still reign" and "places where no one gives a rip whether or not the "B" in their BLT is cured in-house." On the list: Leena's Cafe; Shari's; IHOP and The Wedgwood Broiler, with a dining room "brown as my thick-sliced pot roast and gravy." Also, interestingly enough, The 5 Point.

· Nothin'-Fancy Restaurants Satisfy Old-School Tastes in Seattle (and Beyond) [Seattle Times]
[Photo: Neil G/Yelp]