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Blind Pig Bistro's Charles Walpole on Seattle Food Scene

Photo: C. Walpole/Facebook

Seattle Weekly's Julien Perry interviewed Charles Walpole, the Chef/Owner of Blind Pig Bistro. After spending fifteen years working under the shadow of other Seattle chefs(including William Belickis and Ethan Stowell), Walpole was eager to strike out on his own. As he acknowledges in the interview, Blind Pig's current location has a salutary pedigree, having previously housed Nettletown and Sitka & Spruce before that. Perry finds Walpole in eminently quotable form. Without further ado, some favorite bits:

· On the Seattle Times: "All anyone reads in the Seattle Times food section is happy hour now." Kudos Tan Vinh!

· On his favorite Seattle restaurant: "Before we opened this place, I went to Revel a lot. That's my favorite new place."

· On up and coming Seattle chefs: "Josh Nebe[Blind Pig's sous], of course! Kylen McCarthy [The Corson Building, formerly Marjorie], Brandon Myett at La Bete; Pat Chang at Revel; and Peter Huelle at How to Cook a Wolf."

· On where he'd like to be taken for a meal: "Canlis under Jason Franey, definitely! I still haven't experienced that."

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Blind Pig Bistro

2238 Eastlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98102

Blind Pig Bistro

2238 Eastlake Ave East, Seattle, WA