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Suck It California: Washington Bubbly Wins White House

Jason Larkin, Hillary Clinton’s chef recently did a tasting at Treveri Cellars in Yakima, and he was so impressed with the bubbly that all holiday state department dinners at the White House will now be serving Treveri sparkling wine. A tipster tells us that this is the first time the White House has poured a non-California sparkling wine, since it made the decision to serve domestic bubbly(the French sort of owned this department prior to the 1976 Judgment of Paris, made famous in the so bad, *so bad* Bottle Shock movie).

A Whole Foods rep says that Treveri Reserve Brut and Reserve Rose are in stock at their Seattle locations, if you're hankering for White House hooch.

[Photo: Treveri Cellars/Facebook]