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George and Dragon Open on Thanksgiving; Airport Drinking; Murr the Blur Origin; Woodinville Bourbon

Photo: The George and Dragon Pub/Yelp

FREMONT—In addition to all of the prime spots serving Thanksgiving feasts on our heater map, consider The George & Dragon. They announced today, "Please spread the word: G&D open Thanksgiving 6pm-2am. If you tire of your family bring them down for a few the Pilgrims did." [EaterWire/Twitter]

AIRPORT DRINKING—Booze expert Rocky Yee wrote up some failsafe cocktails you can imbibe, while lounging at an airport: Bloody Mary tops his list(pace Canadians: The Caesar also makes an appearance). In that same vein, Red Beer(or Michelada) is also pretty safe. [NW Vivant]

WOODINVILLESeattle Met's Allecia Vermillion says that Woodinville Whiskey Co. will release their bourbon 11/19 at 7 am. According to the company, this will be the largest bourbon release in the state since Prohibition. It's certainly chilly enough for bourbon! [Seattle Met]

COCKTAIL CHRONICLESSeattle Weekly's Mike Seely asked Canon's Murray Stenson about the origins of his nickname, "Murr the Blur". Turns out the "moniker is derived from a speedy Kentucky-bred racehorse who finished fifth in the Longacres Mile in 1980." [Seattle Weekly]