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Central District Gets Vegetarian Bar, The Neighbor Lady

Photo: S. Gujavarty

Hipster bar Twilight Exit's owner Stephan Mollmann tells Central District News that he will open The Painted Lady, a new vegetarian bar, at the storied spot where Southern soul food eatery Thompson's Point of View once stood. Mollmann says The Neighbor Lady will be "urban brothel, but not too westerny". Expect a vegetarian menu with some meat options.

Charles Mudede of The Stranger captured the significance of Thompson's Point of View as a neighborhood institution, when he wrote:

You will not find the best fried chicken at Thompson's Point of View, but you will certainly find one of the best places to eat it... It is the mood of the place that matters most. The people who hang out here are not part of the hiphop generation, but the soul generation and the 1980s R&B generation—meaning, the generation that still has roots in the South and the kinds of family and friendly feelings associated with that world.

Neighborhoods must change over time, though some bemoan the forced gentrification. Most of the Central District News commenters appear happy that the 23rd and Union space will no longer be vacant.

· Twilight Exit owner opening new bar [-CDN-]

The Neighbor Lady

2308 E Union Street, Seattle, WA 98122 206 695 2072

The Neighbor Lady

2308 E Union St, Seattle, WA