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Seattle's Top Chef Texas Massacre: Remember the Alamo?

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On last night's premiere episode of Top Chef Texas, Seattle went 0 for 3. No Seattle contestant advanced. Yes, Sutra's Colin Patterson, Tavolata's Simon Pantet and Coterie Room‘s Nina Vincente were all eliminated. Seattle's hopes have now dwindled down to one: Ashley Villaluz. Villaluz will compete next week.

New Top Chef Texas Judge Hugh Acheson provided his take on the Seattle contestants, starting with Patterson:

Colin, a vegan chef from Seattle, happily gives over the butchery to Moto Chris. Finding the tenderloin of the tofu is pretty easy, but pork is a bit more nuanced.

We have cheeks, ears, belly, loin chops (we did), small hacks of a tenderloin? this is a nose-to-tail challenge. Fergus should be very happy with the impact he has had on our cookery.

Back to Colin. Plating comes around and he has lost his tip to the frother. Man down. Plating looked pretty rough, and he knows the end is nigh. Does it with class and I respect that. His maturity and honesty make Tyler Stone look all the more child-like.

Acheson is more pithy in describing the performance of the two other Seattle contestants: "Simon packs up the knives. The roulade was dry. C’est la vie" and "Nina is out. She spaced. Timing is everything."