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Raskin and BJC at Marche; Cicero Raves About Altura

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Photo: Joshua Huston/Seattle Weekly

Both Hanna Raskin and Bethany Jean Clement reviewed Daisley Gordon's Marche(nee Campagne) last week. Whereas Raskin, a newcomer to town seemed to enjoy the more playful atmosphere at Marche, longtime Seattle resident Clement longs for the halcyon days of Campagne. Raskin notes that "food sometimes falters," but she appreciates the "restaurant's merry willingness to fiddle with the standard bottle-and-glass approach." Meanwhile, Clement draws a stark contrast between Campagne where "no footfall was ever audible, no flicker of want ever unanticipated . . . no waiter ever talked too much; no food was ever less than very, very tasty" and a recent Marche visit, where "some bottles of wine fell clatteringly in a cupboard" and "another server made a joke about earning minimum wage."

Following in Bethany Jean Clement's footsteps, Providence Cicero raves about Altura, awarding it 3.5 stars, one of her highest grades this year. Cicero's praise for Altura is unstinting:

Go once and you'll long to go often. Altura offers an intimate dining experience marked by exquisite food served in formal but far-from-stuffy style in a tapestry-draped, antiques-furnished room that is a world apart from the hurly-burly of Broadway and Roy.

With BJC and Cicero lavishly praising Altura, we await Raskin's verdict.

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