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Get at Oola's Hot Pepper Vodka; Bottleneck Plays Christmas Classics

CAPITOL HILLOola Distillery still has a few bottles of Hot Pepper Vodka available for your imbibing pleasure, says Seattle Met's Allecia Vermillion. Get them while you can, as an early cold snap constricted the goat pepper supply, with which the vodka was made. Would make a nice holiday gift for a friend at only $22 per 350ml bottle. [Seattle Met]

MADISON VALLEYBottleneck Lounge will be showing holiday classics on their big screen television December 19th beginning at 7:30. The classics are: The Simpsons Xmas Special, The Grinch, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. [EaterWire/Facebook]

[Photo: Oola Distillery]

Oola Distillery

1314 East Union St., Seattle, WA