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Eater's MoW* Guide to Holiday Party Eats in Seattle

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Mac 'n' Cheese, BBQ, Pulled Pork, and Chicken Parm photos via Shutterstock.
Every Man of the World* has a Heineken BeerTender®. After all, it lets you have the premium experience of pouring fresh Heineken draught beer right at home. It's probably the greatest gift in the world. Secretly, you'd love to buy one for yourself, but you can't. It's the holidays after all — buying yourself a gift looks selfish.

Until now. Introducing BeerFriender, a first of its kind Facebook application that matches you up with a like-minded stranger who's also in the market for a BeerTender®. Instead of buying BeerTenders for yourselves, the app makes it look like you bought them for each other. It’s going to change gift-giving as we know it.

Now that you are set with your BeerTender®, it’s obviously time to throw the perfect holiday party. Check out our list of Seattle's best to-go-friendly food spots to accompany your home-poured draught.

1.) Big Mario's Pizza: Some argue that Big Mario's has the best pizza in town, and two months ago, they introduced delivery service. And yes, the delivery vehicle is a sweet El Camino.

2.) Rom Mai Thai: This stalwart Broadway Thai restaurant offers up its full menu for delivery. Note their star system is a bit suspect: no matter whether you say one or five, the spiciness level seems fairly tame.

3.) Octo Sushi: This newish Japanese restaurant offers delivery. Real Japanese people, not posers, have been known to praise the fare here.

4.) Homegrown Sandwiches: If caring about the environment is your thing, cater your party with Homegrown Sandwiches. These guys aim to source locally and organically whenever possible.

5.) Monsoon: Next time you're looking to impress, try Monsoon's lunch box delivery service. They even deliver their vietnamese-inspired, impeccably-sourced fare *gasp* to the east side.

6.) Marination Mobile: Kalbi tacos, spam sliders, and kimchi fried rice. Have any of these Hawaiian-fusion items delivered to your bumpin party.


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