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Eater Seattle's Most Popular Posts Of The Year

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Photo: Canlis

What did Eater Seattle readers love to read most on the blog this year? We've scoured through reams and reams of data to find out the answer, and we are not especially surprised at what we found. Stripping out the obvious suspects(Eater 38 came in at #1 and the Eater Heatmap came in at #4), we found that Eater Seattle readers are obsessed with all things Canlis, Hanna Raskin, and the Eater Awards. Oh yeah, you like burgers, brunch, and drinking too. We blame nonregular readers for the shitshow that was the Victoria Liss story coming in second.

1. Eater 38 Essential Restaurants
2. Man Leaves $0 Tip, Insulting Message on Bimbo's Receipt
3. Eric Banh Explains Ba Bar's Surprising Bar Manager Shuffle
4. Heat Map Updates: Where To Eat Right Now
5. Baffled By the Canlis Hunt? We've Got Answers (Sorta)
6. Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern Recaps His Week in Seattle
7. Vote for the Best Burger in Seattle: Finalists!
8. Announcing the 2011 Eater Award Winners For Seattle
9. Eater's Guide to Christmas Day Drinking in Seattle
10. The Eater Seattle Brunch Heat Map December 2011
11. The Eater Seattle Guide to Fall Restaurant Openings
12. Hanna Raskin Gives Us a Random Lesson in Southern Food
13. The Latest on the Canlis Hunt: The Giant Arrow Theory
14. Polls Are Open: Who Is Seattle's Best Bartender?
15. Canlis Fans Boost Wallpaper, Gutters, a Giant Balloon