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Restaurant Zoe Wants Your Money, Founding Diner

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Scott Staples
Scott Staples
Photo: Zoe/Facebook

How invested are you in seeing Restaurant Zoe open on Capitol Hill in January 2012? Owner/chef Scott Staples would like for you to be a little more invested: "The current plan is to reopen Restaurant Zoë next month, January 2012. But we need to raise a few dollars to complete the build out. And that’s where you come in. We’d love you to consider becoming a Founding Diner."

Similar to Thierry Rautureau's fundraising for Luc and Zephyr Paquette for Skelly and the Bean, Staples sent along an email inviting his supporters to backup their fandom with some hard cash. A pretty sweet deal: investing $1000 gets you $1500 credit at Zoe. Contact restaurantzoe at msn dot com for more details.

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Restaurant Zoe

1318 E Union Street, Seattle, Washington 98122 206 256 2060 Visit Website

Restaurant Zoe

1314 East Union, Seattle, WA