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Native Americans and Vashon Get Food Trucks

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Photo: Zach Bohnekamp

FIRST WORD—A new food truck serving up native american cuisine called Off the Rez readies itself to debut in two or three weeks says Seattle Met's Chris Werner. According to Facebook, they are currently available for catering(serving up fry bread and Indian tacos). [Seattle Met/Facebook]

VASHON ISLAND—A tipster tells us that Zamorana has debuted on Vashon Island. According to the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, Zamorana's owner/operator is Jorge Garnica, who has worked at Kurtwood Farms and The Hardware Store. Garnica serves up "tacos, tortas and burritos similar to those that are made in his hometown of Zamoran." His first customer was Kurt Timmermesiter, who offers, “I've had about 300 burritos at Thriftway . . . I'm ready for a new burrito.” Aren't we all? [Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber]

COLUMBIA CITYChelsea Deli, a neighborhood favorite, has closed says Seattle Met's Allecia Vermillion. Yesterday was the last day to sample the noshes. According to Vermillion, Dave Harris, the founder(who also launched The Other Coast Cafe) relinquished control to Pon Sakonthong two months ago. Vermillion spoke to Sakonthong, who told her that her and the landlord could not reach agreement. [Seattle Met]