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Rainier_Beer.jpgSerious Eats recounts a selective history of beer in Seattle noting that just before Prohibition, Seattle Brewing & Malting(originator of Rainier) was the sixth largest brewery in the world. Word to Lisa Grimm, the author of the Serious Eats piece, Georgetown Brewing (maker of Manny's Pale Ale) outgrew their digs at the pre-Prohibition home of Rainier beer and are now located just a few blocks away. Also worthy of note, Emerald City Beer(you may remember them for the buxom ladies that grace their labels) now brews lager at the site of the post-Prohibition Rainier Brewery. Finally, as a commenter to the piece points out, Rainier is now owned by Pabst which also owns a hipster's dream portfolio of beers: Colt 45, Old Milwaukee, Primo, Rainier, Schaefer, Stroh's, Schlitz, Schmidt, Lone Star, National Bohemian. [Serious Eats]