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Duane Sorenson Empire Expands; Aviary Reopens

Welcome back to our new weekly I-5 High Five, a look at restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.

Woodsman Market [Photo: Roth/Eater Portland]

PORTLAND: Duane Sorenson's empire continues its expansion with the debut of mini specialty market, the Woodsman Market, which features local charcuterie, cheese, and culinary accoutrements like pickles, honey, and jam. Also re-opening in Portland this week: Aviary, an EPDX "Restaurant of the Year" nominee that had been shuttered since a Fourth of July fire caused major damage. [-EPDX-]

Update: Woodsman Market is a Duane Sorenson enterprise, and TSG/Stumptown have no involvement--as the original version of this post read.