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Bang Bar Removes Problematic Word From Its Name

When we read on West Seattle Blog that the owners of Bang Bar Thai Restaurant & Lounge decided to remove a problematic word from the name of the forthcoming restaurant, we didn't expect that word to be "Thai". It seems the chef (who goes simply by Chef Jahn) has developed a menu that draws from cuisines beyond simply Thai fare. The restaurant is heretofore known as Bang Bar Restaurant & Lounge. Chef Jahn's resume includes a stint at Thai chain Racha, some time on the East Coast and owning her own eatery in Thailand.

The restaurant slated for the former Tom Yum Koong space hopes to have its renovation finished by the end of the month. We're curious if the ownership will change Bang Bar's website as well. And seriously--grow up you guys; it's pronounced "bahng."
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Bang Bar

4750 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA