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The Stranger's Meaty Assessment of Local 360; The Hideout's Bizarro Happy Hour

Local 360 photo credit: Laura Musselman/Facebook

Bethany Jean Clement breakfasts, brunches and dines at Local 360, where virtually every ingredient comes from a 360-mile radius of its Belltown digs. This commitment, she says, does actually come cheap. "The usual tariff of several bucks a dish for locally sourced (not to mention carefully made and straight-up delicious) is just not there." However aggressively local fare doesn't mean nettles and shellfish. Chef Mike Robertshaw's menu includes house-made bratwurst, fried quail "heartily crusted, KFC-style" and "gastropub oddities" like peanut butter and jelly bonbons. While the idea of a club promoter owning such a place strikes Clement as odd, she concludes, if it "makes a brand out of an ethos, at least it's the right ethos." [The Stranger]

Over at the Seattle Times, Tan Vinh happy hours at The Hideout on First Hill, where even a shirtless guy in a gorilla mask can't distract him from the "stellar craft cocktails." And yet "to come away with just a good Trinidad Sour is to miss the fun and the soul of The Hideout." This fun and soul apparently includes an in-house literary publication penned by imbibing patrons, performance artists and other assorted wacky tributes to the arts. [Seattle Times]

Local 360

2234 1st Avenue, , WA 98121 (206) 441-9360 Visit Website

The Hideout

1005 Boren Avenue, , WA 98104 (206) 903-8480 Visit Website

Local 360

1st Ave. & Bell St., Seattle, WA

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