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Tiny Pasta House Il Corvo, Inside Procopio Gelateria

[S.Pratt 4/18/11]

Chef Mike Easton's new pastaria Il Corvo is taking up residence inside Pike Street Hill Climb's Procopio Gelateria, along with his pasta-making table and collection of kitchen implements. On May 2 he will start serving up handmade pastas for weekday lunches only inside the 20-seat shop. Though he later went on to own Bizarro Italian Cafe in Wallingford and, most recently, helped Matt Janke open Lecosho, Easton says his first job when he arrived in town back in 1999 was behind the counter here at Procopio. Now he's sharing the space so he can mount a one-man operation, making maccheroni, raviolini and tovaglioli by hand, preparing it with seasonal items from nearby Pike Place Market and serving it for less than $10 a bowl. As you can see in the images above, the gelato shop now boasts a large granite-topped table, built by Easton himself, where he spends his early morning hours making pasta and looking out the shop's bank of windowpanes. Come lunchtime the table morphs into customer seating. Easton preps orders in a small kitchen station he fashioned behind the gelato counter, working with three butane burners, a pasta cooker, and a rack of pans. A self-confessed pasta geek, he has been hunting down a variety of unusual tools and implements, like an antique cavatelli and gnocchi maker found on eBay and a bigolaro, a hand-cranked pasta extruder that resembles a giant corkscrew and is tough to come by outside Italy.

Easton's planning to serve four pastas a day, plus a handful of antipasti and charcuterie. Il Corvo is cash only and will be open only from Monday through Friday, a schedule he says offers him a saner lifestyle and more time with his family. Keep an eye out for seating on the adjacent patio in warmer months.
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Il Corvo

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