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Welcome to Eater Seattle!

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Eater%20Seattle%20Logo.jpgWell, hello there. This morning, Eater arrives in Seattle with the goal of bringing a new level of obsession to tracking the culinary goings-on of a city that has spent the last decade cementing its reputation as a national food presence. From the newest temples of haute cuisine to the oldest bars, if it's not on Eater Seattle, you don't have to know about it.

We are thrilled to join the Eater National family of sites, including New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, and Portland—with more on the way.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, let's focus on Seattle, the new site and me, Allecia Vermillion, Eater Seattle's new editor.

Eater Seattle has you covered with original reporting; user-generated tips, rants and raves; and a curated round-up of what the rest of the restaurant and food media around town—and on the national level—are talking about. No, you won't find recipes, reviews, or food porn herein, but Eater Seattle promises a daily dose of restaurant news fresher than a basket of foraged fiddlehead ferns.

All this doesn't mean you just get to sit back and read. We want to hear every murmur and squeak in Seattle's restaurant and nightlife scene, and that means tipping us off to everything you see and hear. Openings, closings, pictures of ridiculous signage, weird policies, chefs changing restaurants, chefs storming out of restaurants during service and taking their entire staffs with them, health code violations, funny menu typos, celebrity sightings, rumors, innuendo. If you see Rainn Wilson at Dick's or Conan O'Brien at Canlis, you'd better let us know. The tipline is open:

Oh, one more thing: we're going live today with our new sister site, Curbed Seattle, which will focus on the neighborhood and real estate stories of Seattle. It's edited by the lovely Kelly Skahan. Do check it out.

So it's really nice to meet you. Let's do this.

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