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Make Your Own Flying Squirrel Pizza; Earth Day at Urbane

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SEWARD PARK/BALLARD—Local Slice correspondent Adam Lindsley offers up some instructions on making Flying Squirrel Pizza Co.'s absurdly addictive roasted potato pizza with chive oil and blue cheese. [Slice]

DOWNTOWNUrbane is serving an Earth Day dinner on Friday that shrinks its usual radius for sourcing ingredients down to 100 miles. A four-course menu is just $17. [EaterWire]

BALLARD—Sounds like somebody's got some paperwork to do (and, most likely, a check to write). The department of public health says Ballard Ave. Pub is temporarily closed for lack of a valid permit. [KC-PH]

BELLTOWN—Is "troubled Belltown bar" a redundant term? Either way, it looks like V-Bar is up for sale. [Belltown People]

[Photo by AngelaV/Yelp]

Flying Squirrel Pizza

8310 5th Avenue Northeast, , WA 98115 (206) 524-6345 Visit Website


1639 8th Avenue, , WA 98101 (206) 676-4600 Visit Website

Flying Squirrel Pizza Co.

4920 S Genesee St., Seattle, WA

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