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Marination Station Parks It Above Pike/Pine QFC

The official opening date was confirmed earlier this week, but it bears repeating: People, we are less than 24 hours away from Marination Station's official opening, at 11 a.m. on Friday. Since the moment Seattle Magazine's Allison Austin Scheff broke the news back in December, Marination Mobile's transformation from wildly popular Hawaiian-Korean fusion food truck to bricks-and-mortar restaurant has been the subject of much buzzy anticipation (not to worry, their truck, Big Blue, isn't going anywhere).

Squint hard and you can see owner Kamala Saxton inside handling the myriad tasks that must be completed before tonight's friends and family soft open. That fenced in area out front? Saxton prefers to call it a beer garden, since Marination Station, unlike its mobile counterpart, has beer and wine. Saxton has been focusing on the restaurant, while her partner Roz Edison will focus on the truck.

Marination Station's menu includes all the hits from the truck--from kimchi quesadillas to kalbi tacos--plus some new menu items including kimchi tofu soup, a miso ginger chicken bahn mi and SPAM musubi. Finally there's the loco moko, an assuredly non-dainty Hawaiian favorite consisting of a hamburger patty on top of white rice, smothered with a fried egg and some gravy.

In a few short weeks the food truck-to-restaurant hype will begin again as we count down to the opening of Skillet Diner, the stationary offering from Skillet Street Food's Josh Henderson (he's shooting for May 10...ish).
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Marination Station

1401 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 206-860-3818

Marination Station

Pike & Broadway, Seattle, WA