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Goldfish Racing Isn't PC in Tacoma, But Totally OK in Fremont

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The Harmon Tap Room in Tacoma is causing a small national stir after PETA complaints prompted the bar to shut down its Tuesday night goldfish races. The AP picked up a KIRO-FM piece about these events, "in which cheap feeder fish from a pet store were "raced" down two 8-foot troughs." Racers guide the fish with squirt bottles, or sometimes by blowing air through straws. Harmon Tap Room has reportedly replaced the goldfish races with beer pong, a pub sport in which all the cruel treatment falls squarely on the human liver.

However if the idea of maneuvering a tiny, desperately unhealthy feeder fish down a trough has a certain appeal, Seattle Weekly's Curtis Cartier points out that Fremont ski lodge-themed bar Woodsky's offers this fine sport as well, and the owners say they won't be canceling it any time soon.
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