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Marjorie Planning an Expansion

The new Capitol Hill location of Marjorie is a tiny jewelbox of a space, but that lovely setting will only go so far when your crowds far outpace the number of seats. Owner Donna Moodie posted an item on the restaurant's blog today announcing plans to create "a lovely and intimate private dining room, and a place to house a little of that weekend overflow."

The question is, where? Marjorie occupies an odd little perch at the base of the Chloe apartment building at 15th and Union. Moodie does say this space is "right outside the back door" so here's hoping she accessed some heretofore unused recess of the Chloe. Her post also says that new chef Larry Monaco is pondering the possibility of a "brunch tapas class" in the new space. We'll keep you updated with details as we get 'em. Meanwhile, Seattle Met's Chris Werner reminds us that Marjorie's al fresco seating is a good option for shortening up your wait time for a table.
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[Photo via Marjorie]


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