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Burger Oddities: Bacon and Strawberry BBQ Slider at Charlie's Buns 'N Stuff Food Truck

We're spending the week rounding up some of the most beloved burgers in the city. However we want to give a nod to a couple unusual burgers around town, starting with the bacon and strawberry BBQ slider from the ladies at Charlie's Buns 'N Stuff.
In Seattle you think "food truck burger" and you probably think of Skillet Street Food. However since February, Charlie's Buns 'N Stuff co-owners Veronica Weaver and Mignon Grinnell have been roaming the streets with a mix of traditional and more creative burgers. The sliders are a relatively new addition to the menu, and come in adventurous combinations like this patty topped with bacon, strawberries, gruyere and a house-made strawberry barbecue sauce. Calling this burger a slider is almost a misnomer; it's definitely big enough to feed most appetites. The gruyere provides a pleasant hint of funk while the strawberries lighten up the beefy, bacon-topped patty. Most surprising of all is the strawberry barbecue sauce, which pulls everything together. Alone, the sauce smells a bit like girlie body lotion; you'll definitely catch a whiff through the window when you place your order at the window of Charlie's large red truck.
· Charlie's Buns 'N Stuff [Website]

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