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Book Bindery's Greenhouse Opens Next Week

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[A. Vermillion 4/27/11]

When Book Bindery opened in October, original plans included a glassed-in extension, dubbed the greenhouse, adjacent to the main dining area. However permit difficulties forced owners Mike and Sumi Almquist to put those plans on hold to focus on the myriad other hassles and details that come with opening a restaurant. Lauded as one of the biggest restaurant openings of 2010, Book Bindery went on to gather up some pretty impressive reviews and acclaim for chef Shaun McCrain, who has worked in multiple Michelin-starred kitchens, including rising to executive sous chef at Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York. Not too shabby for a dining room that currently has just 10 tables, and bar seats. However the construction on the greenhouse is finally complete, giving the restaurant space for an additional 8 tables. As you can see in the images above, the final table and chair configurations have yet to go in.
The idea of the greenhouse originated with Sumi Almquist, who says she was inspired by all the glassed-in eating areas she has seen in New York where diners can have an outdoor dining experience year-round. The addition has a series of French doors that can open up to let in the breezes off the neighboring Fremont Canal. Even the glass roof retracts. The space also has radiant heating in the floors for colder months.

Book Bindery manager Jill Kinney says the restaurant will start seating guests at a few greenhouse tables next week. She plans to ease into the space, so the kitchen and front-of-house don't get overwhelmed by the sudden increase in the restaurant's seating. Book Bindery also has a new pastry chef in the kitchen. Stay tuned for more details shortly.
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