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Veggie Burger at Cherry Street Coffee House

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Photo by Lara604/Flickr

Despite its name, food gets equal billing at Cherry Street Coffee House's five Seattle locations. The internationally-influenced menu includes a veggie burger that over the years has quietly racked up legions of rabid devotees, both vegetarian and omnivore. The patties are made by hand, a blend of tofu, mushrooms, shredded carrots, black beans and more, blended, smooshed, processed and otherwise combined before being baked in giant sheet pans and cut into squares like a brownie. The term "burger" is a bit of a stretch; the patty comes on bread or in a pita and is really more of a sandwich. But we won't quibble. The patty is also vegan, and flavored with elements like parsley, mint and cilantro.
· Cherry Street Coffee House [Website]

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