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Behold the $30 Off-Menu Ultra Burger at Quinn's Pub

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As Eater Burger Week draws to a close we bring you perhaps the most food porn-y burger pic of the week. Behold, the "ultra burger" from Quinn's. You won't find this $30 behemoth on the regular menu, but manager Regan Vaughn says it's been around since Scott Staples' Capitol Hill gastropub opened its doors in late 2007. Basically it's an entire meat-lover's tasting menu jammed into one Macrina bun. The ultra burger will always be topped with bacon, cheese and a three-ounce slab of seared foie gras, but beyond that the accoutrements vary with the seasons and the chef's whim. In its current incarnation, the ultra burger is decked out with foie gras, glazed oxtail, red onion marmalade and oyster mushrooms and topped with a fried duck egg.

Chef Derek Gordon May says people order this burger in bursts. He'll go several weeks without anyone asking for an ultra burger, then he'll get six requests in one night. Apparently when patrons see one coming out from the kitchen, the orders come pouring in. If you want to appear in the know (or have been medically advised by your doctor that you need to gain some weight) this is the thing to order.
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Quinn's Pub

1001 East Pike Street, , WA 98122 (206) 325-7711 Visit Website

Quinn's Pub

1001 E Pike St., Seattle, WA

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