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Safeco Beer Vendor Lets You Tweet Your Order at Ms Games

One savvy Safeco Field vendor is combining two of our favorite things, social media and imbibing, with his new service that lets gamegoers place beer orders via Twitter.

Beer vendor Kevin Zelko got himself an @Msbeervendor Twitter account and according to CNBC will be dispensing beers at this Friday's home opener. All you have to do is tweet him your seat and your order. Zelko, who is also a schoolteacher, told CNBC that he's hoping ordered beers mean better tips, especially since smart phone owners generally have a little more cash to spend.

Geoff Kaiser of Seattle Beer News says he's intrigued by the idea, but he's concerned about long waits and being limited to the particular beers that Zelko carries. He writes, "I hope it works out for him, but I’ll continue to get a little exercise during the game and hope to find some Fremont Solstice" or the other smaller-scale brews dispensed around the stadium.

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[Photo: Jeff Wilcox via Flickr]

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