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Harvest Vine Chef de Cuisine to be Exec Chef at Lecosho

Harvest Vine chef de cuisine Lauri Carter has moved down to the Harbor Steps to become the executive chef at Lecosho, Matt Janke's haven of pork. In Harvest Vine's latest newsletter, owner Carolin Messier says Allyss Dillon has been promoted to sous chef, working underneath executive chef Joey Serquinia. He's been running the show since Messier split up with her husband, chef Joseba Jimenez de Jimenez and he departed from the Madison Valley tapas restaurant.

Carter shouldn't have too much of a learning curve at Lecosho, which has been raking in the raves for its meaty menu and, curiously, its lentils. She worked with Janke back when he was making a name for himself at Matt's in the Market. She left the miniscule kitchen at Matt's to become chef and co-owner of Moxie in Lower Queen Anne, until it shuttered in 2009.

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The Harvest Vine

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Harvest Vine

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