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Raskin Relieved by New Local 360 Menu; Canlis Happy Hour

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Local 360
Local 360
Photo by Laura Musselman

For her next performance, Hanna Raskin reviews Local 360, finding that the whole "sourcing our ingredients within 360 miles" thing doesn't play so well in the winter. But chef Mike(y) Robertshaw has replaced the "slew of clumsy, forlorn dishes" on the winter menu with springtime offerings "and the restaurant's relief is palpable." Raskin's favorites include "a phalanx of acorn-sized lamb balls" and a "peppery bunny" entree. The starters are particularly memorable, including the much-ballyhooed peanut butter and jelly bon bons and the crispy pig's ear. The restaurant has lowered its goal of locally sourcing 90 percent of its ingredients down to 80 percent...and currently hovers around 70. [Seattle Weekly]

Tan Vinh says this week's happy hour review "doesn't feature discount chicken wings or discount anything." Yep, he's at Canlis. Vinh suits up, avoids the pricey collection of rare Belgian beers, and manages to put away some beers, cocktails and "nibbles" at a price point similar to most of the Tipsy McFuntimes joints downtown. A few plates of sockeye bites, buttery prawns and venison sausage are all in the $6 to $10 range. The three superlatives Vinh bestows on his visit: on a clear night this is one of the romantic bars in the city; the truffle fries are the "city's best;" and the bar's "resolute privateer" is the best dessert cocktail he's tasted yet this year. [Seattle Times]


2576 Aurora Avenue North, , WA 98109 (206) 283-3313 Visit Website

Local 360

2234 1st Avenue, , WA 98121 (206) 441-9360 Visit Website

Local 360

2234 First Ave., Seattle, WA

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