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Magazine Glory for Boat Street Pickles; Guys & Dolls Drinks

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BELLTOWN—Renee Erickson's Boat Street pickles get some love in the latest issue of Real Simple. And thanks to Herschell Taghap, aka @specialdark, for sharing a pic. [Twitter]

DOWNTOWN—Guys & Dolls opens Thursday at the 5th Avenue Theatre and nearby Italian spot Tulio has designed a list of cocktails around the musical. Order up a Miss Adelaide or a Nathan Detroit, made with Jack Daniel's since that was the preferred spirit of Frank Sinatra,who played Detroit in the 1955 film version. [Eater Wire]

EASTLAKE—Attention, ladies and gentlemen. Newly opened Little Water Cantina has officially received its actual bar stools and chairs. The woven-style ones that have been populating the dining room can now go back to the rental company. [Facebook]

CAPITOL HILL—Sorta under-the-radar thali spot Travelers is planning a second location on Beacon Hill. The shop is hoping to vacate its current Pine Street location down the road, but nothing is firmed up as of yet. [Beacon Hill Blog/CHS]
Boat Street Cafe [Photo: Charlie D./Facebook]

Little Water Cantina

2865 Eastlake Avenue East, , WA 98102 (206) 397-4940 Visit Website

Boat Street Cafe

3131 Western Ave., Seattle, WA

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