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Madison Park Location Becomes Second Starbucks With Booze

The major overhaul of the Madison Park Starbucks wraps up today, giving Seattle a second fancy location that serves beer and wine (well, three if you count the recently rechristened Starbucks up on 15th Avenue E). This location is now tricked out with a warm industrial vibe similar to the "Starbucks of the Future" over on Olive Way, but the patrons are way older and have fewer neck tattoos.

Madison Park Blogger says some new menu items will debut along with the beer and wine service, which kicks off at 2 p.m. today and subsequent weekdays, and noon on weekends. The updated mermaid logo hangs outside of the store, which is reportedly the neighborhood Starbucks for the company's CEO, Howard Schultz. The coffee giant is planning a third beer-wine-and-makeover store in Portland's Pearl District.
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4000 E Madison St., Seattle, WA