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Seattle Times Digs Peyrassol's Fine Dining with Paper Napkins

Providence Cicero says suburban "Euro-cafe" Peyrassol is "so off-the-beaten-path, even folks from Renton may have a hard time finding it." What initially looks like a grab-and-go spot for coffee and pastries is actually "fine dining with few frills" and in her eyes worthy of 2.5 stars. Peyrassol serves a lunch menu of hearty sandwiches, and dinner revolves around Parisian bistro plates, and Italian-inspired fare like a pheasant ragu. The boeuf Bourguignon boasts a sauce that takes the beef dish to "such elegant heights you want to address every tender morsel of chuck as Charles.

Ummm, moving on. The newlywed owners' background is, indeed, intriguing?Scott Cory is the wine guy for QFC's Broadway and University Village locations, while his wife Sachia Tinsley is the sister of one Sabrina Tinsley, known for her pastas at Osteria La Spiga. The sisters worked together at the Italian restaurant's original location before Sachia left to serve as executive pastry chef at Wild Ginger and Triple Door. [Seattle Times]

And to recap some of the other reviews we saw this week, Tan Vinh donned his best suit for happy hour at Canlis, La Raskin did a 180 on Local 360, then reviewed her own review, and Crosscut's Hugo Kugiya delivered not exactly a review of Eltana, but we appreciate any form of food writing that includes a reference to the Dark Lord.
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[Photo: Peyrassol Cafe]

Peyrassol Cafe

1083 Lake Washington Blvd. N, Renton, WA