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Raskin Encounters Drippy Meat, Hordes of Children at Uneeda Burger; Summery Palomas Infiltrate Seattle

Uneeda Burger
Uneeda Burger
Photo: Eater Seattle

Hanna Raskin is sure to invoke some fiery comments with her assertion that the adults who tote their kids to Uneeda Burger "don't needa burger; they needa babysitter." Nonetheless, she enjoys Scott Staples' list of fancy burgers, offering the sort of "kaleidoscope of flavors" you might expect "if Willy Wonka was a cattleman instead of a candy manufacturer." The elaborate black truffle salted preparation "relegates beef to a nonspeaking role," while the plain, unadorned burger highlights the patty's "subtle, drippy meat." Staples is tinkering with the menu a bit, namely introducing kaiser rolls, adding elk to the menu permanently and changing the name of the poutine so as to not offend Canucks with his use of white cheese sauce. The "slender and salty" fries "come from the Wendy's camp of fry philosophy." The value is spot-on, though wine prices could use some "tinkering."

Tan Vinh switches things up, profiling a single cocktail, the paloma, rather than a particular bar. This summery mixture of tequila, lime and grapefruit soda (aka Squirt or Jarritos) is appearing on cocktail lists around Seattle. According to Vinh, The Hideout, Mistral Kitchen, Barrio and Bellevue's Naga Lounge have palomas on the menu, with more sightings likely on summer menus. "It may be one of the hottest drinks in Seattle by August." The interest is driven, in part, by bartenders looking for the "next" margarita or mojito. [Seattle Times]

Uneeda Burger

4302 Fremont Avenue North, , WA 98103 (206) 547-2600 Visit Website

Uneeda Burger

4302 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA

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