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The American Girl Store Cometh...Along With a Restaurant

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American Girl Bistro, Minneapolis
American Girl Bistro, Minneapolis
Photo: A Closer Look at Flyover Land

A restaurant is in the works in Lynnwood that's sure to be mobbed no matter who's in the kitchen, or what's on the menu. An American Girl Store slated for Alderwood Mall, is bringing with it a 55-seat bistro. And hey--the restaurant is hiring.

These mega-complexes, built around the popular series of dolls, are known for dining rooms that offer tiny doll-sized chairs for inanimate guests, a request that would raise a few eyebrows at, say, Book Bindery. You can check out a sample menu, and apparently they're already taking reservations. No official opening date yet, but judging from the online reservation availability, it's looking like some time in July. Anyone with a young daughter or niece should brace themselves accordingly.
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American Girl Store

3000 184th Street, Lynnwood, WA