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Seattle Times Caps Off Big Review Week for Uneeda Burger

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Photo: Eater Seattle

Whoa, double review action for Uneeda Burger this week.

Providence Cicero visits Scott Staples' "shabby-chic burger-and-shake shack" and concludes "the crowds are likely to keep coming." "Cicero says "the lamb burger is "sheer bravado on a brioche bun" but really gets going when discussing another specialty item:

The "Madame" also wears Gruyère under ruffles of Black Forest ham and a fried egg. No seedy sesame bun for her: she's wrapped in buttered, toasted slices of potato bread. Too highfalutin for the house special sauce — an egg-rich mayo with a horseradish bite — she merits Dijon-spiked mayo and tucks a few crispy matchstick fries into her bodice just for kicks.

The oft-discussed $3 upgrade from Painted Hills beef to local Wagyu is "delicious but really not necessary," and also "almost twice the price" of the burger. [Seattle Times]

Uneeda Burger

4302 Fremont Avenue North, , WA 98103 (206) 547-2600 Visit Website

Uneeda Burger

4302 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA

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