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Grubwich Going Into the Old Pita Pit Space on Broadway

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Capitol Hill Seattle blog's Monday food+drink roundup contained an intriguing tidbit about a new place called Grubwich going into the Broadway address that was once home to the last Seattle outpost of the Pita Pit. The first hint of this mysterious new project came in the form of a "G" painted into the facade.

Owner Brian Kun tells Eater that Grubwich will be a sandwich shop, offering a list of eight to 10 specialty sandwiches, hand cut fries, and even ice cream sandwiches. The space, shown above in a few work-in-progress photos, will also have old-school video games and a jukebox. Kun is hoping to open within a month, though that depends on the usual go-round with obtaining permits. That "G" on the front, he says, was a test run for future signage.

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